FINEXIS S.A. brings clarifications to latest Press Releases issued by Leclanché, Energy Storage Solutions

In regards to the latest release of ad hoc announcements pursuant to Art. 53 KR by Leclanché, Energy

Storage Solutions the named parties, Finexis S.A. and Mr. Christian Denizon make the following official statements:

  1. All published communiqué (information/statements) made previously were not generated nor shown to Finexis S.A. for approval prior to publishing.
  2. Mr. Christian Denizon, like all beneficial owners of FINEXIS S.A., is neither the direct/indirect shareholder, nor the ultimate beneficial owner of any shares of Leclanché.
  3. Mr. Denizon, is the Chairman and main beneficial owner of Finexis S.A. which is a Luxembourg based regulated Alternative Investment Fund Manager (AIFM) and Management Company
    under the supervision of the Luxembourg Financial Market Regulator “Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier”.
  4. Finexis S.A. is neither directly nor indirectly the shareholder of any shares, loans, bonds, notes, or similar of Leclanché and or shares of the various funds investing in Leclanché. FINEXIS S.A.
    does not own any shares or voting rights of either such funds or Leclanché, and does not act within the scope of such voting rights.
  5. Finexis S.A. has currently no branches.
  6. Leclanché shares have been acquired by two third-party investment funds.
  7. Finexis S.A. has been mandated by the board of directors of these funds to act as AIFM and to perform various administrative tasks related to these two funds, as a service provider, together with the custodian bank and the external auditor of the funds.
  8. The investment strategy of the two funds follows the guidelines set in the fund prospectus and is subject to investment recommendations from the external investment advisor approved by the respective investment committee and/or the board of directors of the two funds.
  9. The funds are represented by their Board of Directors, even if Finexis S.A. as the AIFM might act in the funds’ name to perform asset transactions.
  10. Currently Mr. David Ishaq, acting as independant board member of Leclanché, holds as per proxy, the entire voting rights linked to shares of Leclanche held by the two funds.